How Do I Submit My Product To Be Featured?

There are two ways to be featured on our daily deals email.  You can use our easy submission form here, or use our contract form if you are looking to do a bulk order.

How Far In Advance Should I Submit?

Ideally we ask that you submit your product at least 2 business days in advance of your promotion.  During the submission process you can select a date you would like for your promotion, or we can send it out at the most optimal time.

How Much Does It Cost To Submit?

Our basic featured promotion currently costs $10.  This includes your product on our daily deals email, posted to Facebook (and boosted), Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

How Can I Find Retailer Links For My Products?

Go to your product page on Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Folksy, Dawanda, Society6, Art Fire or Folksy.  Once there copy out the URL from the top of the browser.  It will start with http:// or www. and reference the site you are selling on.  Usually it will also include your products title.  If you are still having trouble contact us for more help.

When Will I Get A Response To My Submission?

Directly after you submit your product you will receive an automated notification.  This notification will let you know your information was received successfully.  Please review for accuracy and if you see any errors let us know.  We will also review this information and if we have questions, suggestions for a better listing or see errors we will reach out to you immediately.

How Often Can I Resubmit My Product?

You can submit as many products as you like.  However, we ask that you only submit the same product once every 60 days, unless it goes on sale.

Should My Craft (product) Be On Sale When I Submit It?

It doesn’t have to be on sale to go out as a featured product.  We have seen better click through results for products that are on sale or have free shipping.


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