Our Mission Is To Empower Artisans To Sell More

We Provide Email And Social Media Promotions So You Can
Sell More Products Across Multiple eCommerce Sites Worldwide.

Our Promotions Work With Any Of The Sites Listed Below.

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Be Considered For Promo (not guaranteed)

Sent To Our Email List

Posted To Our Website (see here)

Guaranteed Promotion

Sent To Our Email List

Posted To Our Website (see here)

Guaranteed Promotion

Sent To Our Email List

Posted To Our Website (see here)

Artisan Profile Bio (sample)

Facebook Post + Boost

Twitter Post (3 Days)

Instagram Post + Boost

Pinterest Post

Upgrades Available…


How It Works:

  1. Use the quick submission form to enter your product images, descriptions, links, etc.
  2. After submission you’ll receive a confirmation email.  If you see any mistakes just reply to the email or use our contact form.
  3. Once everything is confirmed we schedule your product to go out.  You can choose a promotion date during your submission if you would like, otherwise we’ll choose the best first available date.
  4. Once your promotion day arrives, your product is sent out to our email list, posted to Facebook (& boosted), sent to our Twitter feed, posted to Instagram and then pinned to our Pinterest page.

1. A Featured Placement On Our Website

Your product will be posted to our site on our daily deals page, see here.  Your product page will include images, product descriptions, links to your products, website, social pages and a spot for your logo/image and bio.

2. Your Product Included In Our Daily Email

We’ll send our your product to our email list for daily deals.  Our email list is for people who are interested in and who actively buy handcrafted products from around the world.  Our subscribers are excited to support handmade items and make purchases on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Craftsy and Societ6 on a regular basis.

3. Promoted To Our Social Channels

Lastly we post your product to our Facebook page and then boost it for additional exposure.  We’ll also include posts on Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as well.


Sell More Products With A CraftyGoGo Feature

We promote your product on our site, to our email list
and across all of our social pages.


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