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Details: The rare *Peruvian Opal, only to be found in the Andes Mountains, and the prized **Picasso Marble partner together in this piece to create modern hippie magic. Set on a foundation of sterling silver, the stones are graced with a handcrafted silver leaf and scrollwork. The soft blue-green of the barrel-shaped, rare, natural Tibetan Turquoise beads complement the Caribbean blue of the Peruvian Opal. The neutral, peach and copper tones of the peach Moonstone, carved bone, Jasper and floral-patterned wood round beads complete the look with a second strand. The overall look is a bohemian-style piece that looks fantastic with both fall and spring colors.

Crafted using Sterling Silver (.925%) and Fine Silver (.999%) with silversmith techniques. This Pendant is 2″ tall and 1.25″ wide. The shortest Necklace strand is 16″ and fits as a choker while the other Necklace strand is 19″ and lays behind the Pendant.

*Peruvian Opal is the national stone of Peru and it is relatively rare and can only be found in the Andes Mountains. This gemstone is usually colored blue to blue-green. Most jewelers describe it as the color of the Caribbean Sea.

**During the early Permian, 270 million years ago, western Utah was under water. The Coconino sandstone was being laid down on land, Then the Toroweap limestone ( a mixture of blobs of limestone, dolomite, mud, clay, and sand ) accumulated in the water, and was topped off by the Kaibab limestone. Between 140 million years (Ma) ago and 50 Ma the Sevier orogeny occurred as the oceanic Farallon Plate was subducted underneath the continental North American Plate. It was a folding/thrusting and heat generating a mountain-building event that affected western North America from Canada to Mexico. Vulcanism forced black silver sulfide and other ore-bearing fluids into the rocks for the Star and Frisco mining areas west of Milford Utah and into the Mineral mountains east of Milford that began as a molten granite pluton 22 million years ago, generating more metamorphic heat. Vulcanism continued throughout the area.

In all this heat and pressure, some of the fractured and mineral filled Toroweap limestone was changed into marble.

And THERE is where we find Picasso Marble, a material prized by carvers and lapidarists all over the world.

All Jewelry Art is a One of a Kind Designed by Ann Gray with Esther Destiny’s Jewelry (previously Ann’s Jewelry Collection) and is created with all the best possible supplies and Natural Stones. Esther Destiny’s Jewelry’s Mission Statement is that you are not only purchasing a One of a Kind, High End, All Natural, Handcrafted, Piece of Jewelry but you are also purchasing Integrity, Ethics, Honor, Honesty, and a Guarantee.

Esther Destiny’s Jewelry is rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau

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