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SPECIAL offer Dragonfly Memorial I am Near Wind Chime

Price: $51.00
Shipping: Free

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Special offer- Receive our signature memorial magnet as seen in the last picture with the purchase of this listing. This listing is for the silver 26 inch wind chime with 3 inch dragonfly and sealed wood circle or leaf charm reading- Listen To The Wind And Know I Am Near Length- 26 inches Color- Silver, Bubinga finish wood, 5 silver aluminum tubes Tone- Medium hand tuned 5 note scale. Shipping directly to a recipient is a large part of our business. We never include invoices and our products are carefully wrapped for gift giving with the grieving family in mind. To a mourning heart the sound of music can create a sense of peace and relaxation. These beautiful chimes will be marked with a constant remembrance of a loved one. During the strongest of storms or the softest breeze. So many memorial gifts simply sit on a shelf and eventually are stored away. This is a very unique handcrafted piece which offers the recipient a tangible constant reminder of a loved one and a beautiful conversation piece that will be enjoyed for years.

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